New Horizons or the international trademark registration

I don’t believe if you tell me you don’t want to conquer new markets. So today let’s talk today about the international registration of a trademark.

What you need to know about the international registration

1. The Madrid international trademark registration system provides an opportunity to protect your business in 121 countries. Why Madrid? Because it operates on the basis of the Madrid Agreement of 1981. Don’t rush, I don’t think you need register your TM in each of the 121 countries. 2. Registration in some countries is quite expensive, but the majority of the state duty is 100 Swiss francs (CHF). Although not all countries are “cheap”. There is, for example, Uzbekistan, where the trademark registration costs CHF1028, while registration in all (!) EU countries costs only CHF897. 3. For international registration, you don’t need look for lawyers from different countries. And you don’t have to pay them! All communication takes place only with a specialist in your country.

Why do you need this international trademark registration?

Firstly, if your business is represented in different countries. Wait a minute, here I don’t mean some irregular product deliveries to other countries – I’m talking about a full-fledged business. If you send three T-shirts of your brand to Canada, you don’t need international registration. If you have large shipments to the country or even have a small offline store, then a trademark with international registration will help ensure stable deliveries and business protection. Secondly, if you plan to enter the international market and develop business in other countries. But here it is important that you haven’t just abstract plans for the conquest of the whole world, but a business strategy and a plan that you adhere to. Thirdly, a registered trademark or at least an application for registration in your “home” country. The fact is that for an international registration you need to have a so-called basic registration or an application for registration.

Registration deadlines

When you receive confirmation of registration in each individual country depends on its legislation. The World Intellectual Property Organization recommends that the decision making time should be up to 18 months. But agree, it’s still pretty long.

And that’s not it

You can receive both confirmation of registration and preliminary refusal. Have this in mind. Of course, if you want to issue an international registration of a trademark, it’s better to start by checking whether it is free in each of the countries. The only problem is that it could be veeeery expensive. I hope now it’s a little clearer what an international trademark registration is. But in any case the first step is the registration in your home country, so message me!