How many genius ideas you had during your life?

Do you know that at the same time the same thought (including sometimes just breathtaking) occurs in 9 different people on the planet? It’s just that someone is implementing ideas, and someone is left alone with their thoughts. Did you have any ideas you would like to patent?

There are many features in American law that do not exist in legislation of other countries. One of them is the possibility of filing a preliminary patent application – provisional patent application. The main function of such an application is to fix that the idea of ​​a particular invention belonged to you even at the time of filing a preliminary patent application. From this date you receive the protection of your rights after registration of the patent. For example, today you file a provisional patent application, in a year you decide to apply for a patent, in another year and a half you get a patent = it will take 3.5 years. However, a patent will not be considered valid not from the date of patent application, but from the date of filing provisional patent application.

Having a Provisional Patent Application (PPA) will be really helpful in communication with potential investors so as to convince them of project development, or may just be useful in fundraising. Moreover, filing this application gives you the right to get a patent pending mark on your products within 12 months from the date of filing the application.

There are cases when it is difficult to find out the market potential of the invention immediately. It takes time, and that is the time that a provisional patent application gives you. PPA helps to save money on the initial stage of patent development and not to be distracted by the complicated patenting process, but instead it allows you to evaluate the market potential of your invention.

So if you want to protect your invention, but it is not yet fully ready for patenting, then PPA is a great variant of a way out. Procedure of filing such an application is much simpler than the patenting procedure in itself. You do not have to be in the US to apply for this application, you can do it from anywhere in the world. With PatentBot it is very easy to apply for a patent, it takes only 7 minutes, you just need to chat. Provisional application review takes 1 to 3 days on average. And within 3-5 weeks you will receive a letter confirming the status of the application.

There are no harsh requirements for such an application. It should include a description / supplement of the invention and a completed form of a particular sample, but such a description / supplement can be submitted in extremely diverse formats (dissertation, scientific article, abstract). Moreover, you can even submit a presentation that you gave to investors with a description of the invention.

I want to pay your attention to the cost of registration of a PPA. At a time when the cost of registering a US patent starts at $ 3000, the cost of a provisional patent application in PatentBot is only $ 499.

Once the application is filed, it should be remembered that a patent cannot be obtained solely on the basis of the existence of a previous application. After filing such an application, it will take you as long as 12 months to collect all the necessary documents, file them with the US Patent Office and complete a valid application.

Thus, provisional patent application is the best option if you have an idea of ​​the invention, preliminary drawings of the patent or presentation to investors. Once a provisional patent application is filed with the USPTO, you will have 12 months to create a complete invention. During these 12 months, you will be calm about someone stealing your idea and registering the same patent earlier than you. So let’s just click the button below and register a provisional patent application with me!