What can be registered as a trademark?

Quite often, people doubt whether their designations can be registered as a trademark. And not in vain, since there are also certain requirements for what can be registered as a trademark.

To begin with, remember that as a trademark you can register any designation or any combination of designations. Yes, you can register a word, name, letter, numbers, or a combination of colors.That is, a very large number of elements can be registered as a trademark.

For example, you make sweets. What can be registered as a trademark in this case? You can register just words, for example, “AVK”, but you can go ahead and come up with a combined designation. In the combined designation, you can easily choose the colors, shapes, and any images that appeal to you.

If you plan to sell sweets under your trademark, then it will be good to reflect this in your trademark. This approach is strategically right because it helps to recognize your products immediately, and due to this, your brand acquires customer loyalty.

The numbers? – Yes! You can apply for registration signs consisting of numbers unless of course, someone has done this before. Imagine that your company provides accounting services and some numbers are associated with it. You can make it your trademark.

There are no restrictions on what colors you use in your combination designation. And this is wonderful because colors very often become brand conductors. For example, everyone knows that the main color of Coca Cola is red, and the brand Pepsi is blue and white.

Imagine you are the owner of a green space company. You can easily register a trademark with green as the main color, which everyone associates with nature.

But there are exceptions. For example, you will not be allowed to register a trademark if your designation is the emblem or name of the state. That is, registration the coat of arms of Ukraine as a trademark will fail. For more information on what can not be registered as a trademark, read on my next blogs.

Summing up, I’ll say that you have a very large choice of what could be registered. And in order not to lose time, click here and start registering your trademark right now!