What is a trademark all about?

Have you finished writing a book or composing music for a new song? If so, now is the time to register a trademark for your piece! Let’s find out what a trademark is all about and why it’s important.

What can be protected by a trademark?

It’s simple: you can register the trademark for literary pieces, as well as for pieces in architecture, design, choreography and so on. I won’t list everything because the list is very long. You can easily register your songs, books, design layouts, photographs and everything in between. To make it even easier, if you simply write me a message, I’ll do everything for you 🙂

What can’t be protected by a trademark?

Ideas, concepts, various methods, systems, and basically abstract stuff cannot be protected by a trademark. That means if you write a song about a robot that enslaves the world, other artists can write similar songs – only the text of your song is protected. They can’t use the same text because it’s protected.

How many years can a trademark be registered?

It all depends on the country. For example, in the United States, a trademark belongs to you for your entire life and 70 years after it. The same timelines apply to EU countries. In most Asian and African countries, rights are also registered for life, but the term “after” is slightly shorter – only 50 years.

And the most important question: how do you register a trademark?

C’mon, it’s simple. Write to me, and I will help you with everything. By the way, I register trademarks using blockchain technology. So don’t delay and apply today to protect your artistic genius!